Been holding on to this track for a while. Something that I made over a year ago and recently added some guitar and synth leads to. This one is grimey, detuned and chaotic with some cinematic melodies to balance it out. The idea for the title of this track came out of the then recently signed NDAA and the ever growing frequency of police brutality in this country. Violations of civil rights and excessive use of force by law enforcement has increased over 25% since 2001 along with the erosion of civil liberties and protections guaranteed to every American citizen by the Constitution.

"If peace only had the music and pageantry of war, there’d be no wars" -Sophie Kerr

Thanks for listening. Free Download.


Dusty Nix is a San Diego based audio producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Ranging in styles from deep meditative organic soundscapes to glitchy midtempo 808 bass blaps to straight up raw boom bap underground hip hop.

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